Top 5 Most Common Car Repairs To Watch For

Top 5 Most Common Car Repairs To Watch For


Southend Import car careLexus repair Charlotte maintenance for you to perform, but if there are complicated then an auto mechanic will be required. Check on these 5 common car repairs:

Top 5 Most Common Car Repairs

· Spark plug replacement

This kind of repair involving a small part is very important but if not attended to, it can cause a great problem. The spark plug is small piece that sends the electric current that causes ignition of the fuel in the cylinders. Faulty spark plug can melt your car’s internal parts and cause reduced gas mileage. On average, spark plug replacement can cost $310.

· Oxygen sensor replacement

Oxygen sensor monitors the volume of unused oxygen in the exhaust. These sensors will also sensor send signals to the computer in your car when there is no enough gas or when the gas is too much. If Oxygen sensor is faulty then you will not know the time to fuel up. It can cost around $240 dollars and makes around 9.5% of total repair.

· Catalytic converter replacement

This type of repair can sound pretty epic and surely it is. A faulty catalytic converter is normally caused by ignoring the replacement of fuel injector. This converter regulates vehicle’s emission system. You should not repair a catalytic converter because repairing it only occurs when a related part fails. Repairing catalytic converter will cost about $1 grand.

· Mass air flow sensor replacement

Mass air flow sensor replacement will come about when there is irregular replacement and checking of the air filter. It usually costs about $375 and makes around 4.36% of total car repair.

· Loose fuel caps

Have you ever wondered why your car’s check engine light is normally on? Among the top reasons is missing or loose gas cap. This repair makes about 9.28% of the total repairs.

There are several types of car repairs including cracked windshield, dents and body scratch but the aforementioned are just the common types. You can get these car repair services at Southend Import Car Care.

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Golden Tips for Purchasing Hickory, NC Used Cars

When you are grappling with ways to get a car, you may want to explore diverse options offered by Hickory car dealers. Sometimes second-hand car inventories may be tight, the vehicles may be highly defective or direly worn out. Thus, buying a pre-owned automobiles requires a meticulous approach to eliminate lemons.

Rigorously Check the Car’s History

• Note the cars’ identification number or its VIN to obtain historical reports from private companies. This report is typically comprehensive as it discloses critical aspects of the car. It traces the car registration, ownership and loss of possessory rights on the car. If it is a salvaged auto, hurricane destroyed, had been recalled or has substantial defects you will know. This also protects you from third party claims, encumbrances and rights of lien from adverse parties. Additionally, peruse the service records to see if the car was properly maintained.

In a similar vein, avoid buying vehicles rescued from turbulent floods as their chassis may be direly destroyed by moisture. Scammers may alter the car’s authenticity and change red flags in the database revealing discrediting details. In a nutshell, do not buy precipitously, follow carefully considered steps.

Hire Mechanical Inspectors

• Before you can sign a contract for the car, employ a mechanic to undertake a rigorous inspection. The mechanic must inspect the automotive thoroughly adopting measures such as placing it on a lift. This may facilitate the detection of under body defects which may point to the existence of a collision you may not be privy to. A thorough examination should at least reveal the ostensible and latent defects in the car which is a pivotal bargaining tool during price negotiations.

The mechanic is also important as they will delve into the flaws hidden such as signs of a flood damaged vehicle. You may want to identify such as deficiencies by checking for corrosion and failed electric connections.

Testing Hickory, NC used cars

• It’s important that you drive the car along the highway at a considerably high speed. Cruising on the city suburbs and maneuvering through busy streets is another alternative. Also attempt driving uphill and accelerate. Be alert to not vibrations normally in the steering, a pulse in the brakes and clunking sounds that may be made by the suspension. Detect shortcomings by paying keen attention to critical parts, for instance, transmission ought to shift smoothly, ticking sounds made by the engine, leakage, odorous smells or smoke under the hood.


• The car should have some warranty while lacking wittingly designed exemption clauses. However, the car buyer has certain warranties that are implied by the law and will be aptly be imposed on the seller if they are breached. Nonetheless, you should go through the documents to identify the warranties that are offered in the deal. Not all Hickory (NC) used cars have comprehensive warranties; you should use sites that provide authentic data base on vehicles.

It is prudent to adopt a careful approach when purchasing a used car from private companies or individuals. If you are able to dissect the car aspects under the microscope of rigorous scrutiny, you will detect latent and apparent defects.

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How to Sell Charlotte Used Cars in Winter

If you are trying to sell Charlotte used cars the cold weather in winter can make your car not look its best. Cold weather can exaggerate or make flaws in your car more apparent than in warmer days. Icy conditions, snow, and slush can make Charlotte used cars look dirtier than usual and in some cases more aged. Read these tips on how to sell Charlotte used cars in winter and ensure they look their best:

1. Only Show Your Charlotte Used Cars by Appointment

Even if it is a warm month, setting up appointments to show Charlotte used cars is ideal so you can be prepared for the potential buyer. This also manages your time with Charlotte used cars buyers and ensures you only allot so much time so people as many of them may just be casually looking and you don’t want to waste time waiting around for them if you make loose plans.

2. Keep Your Driveway and Sidewalk Clean when Selling Charlotte Used Cars

The most important reason to follow this rule when selling Charlotte used cars in winter is to help keep your car clean and in good looking condition. Getting snow or slush out of your driveway means that less dirt will get on your Charlotte used cars when trying to sell it. This will also feed back into how clean you are as a person. The Charlotte used cars buyer will see how clean you keep your yard and driveway and can relate that back to you caring well for your car.

3. Warm Up Your Charlotte Used Cars Before the Appointment

If you are selling Charlotte used cars in winter, you should warm it up to help the mechanics in the car work properly. Having warm Charlotte used cars will make it easier when using functions in the car and the defroster won’t have to work as hard. Finally, it will just be more enjoyable for the buyer when getting in the car. Just be sure to air out Charlotte used cars before the buyer comes so it is warm, but not visible HOT to seem like you did this just for the appointment.

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Used Trucks in Charlotte NC: 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Looking for used trucks in Charlotte NC? The Chevrolet Silverado may be a great option for you! Here are the details on this truck so you can see if it has what you are looking for in used trucks in Charlotte NC:

-  The Chevy Silverado has a 5.3-liter V8 engine which gets an improved fuel economy compared to earlier models. You can use E85 or gasoline on this truck.

- There are many safety measures such as front-seat side airbags as well as side curtain air bags which is a great feature for used trucks in Charlotte NC

- The stereo offers a USB connection and optional navigation system

- The towing and hauling rates are great compared to other used trucks in Charlotte NC because of the ability to have three optional v8 engines.

- The interior of this truck is very luxurious looking for the hard exterior. It has a full center console and high quality materials.

- There is a standard 6 speed transmission and variable valve timing

- For used trucks in Charlotte NC, this one offers some customization. You can either select the standard cab model with a 6ft 6 in bed or the extended cab model with 5ft 8in bed. There is also an option for crew cabs with a short bed.

- Driving this car is quite enjoyable. The steering is precise but very light and not hard to maneuver. The turning circle is fairly large but the driving is smooth and the seats comfortable which makes long drives pleasurable.

- Compared to other used trucks in Charlotte NC, the safety features are excellent on the Silverado. There are antilock brakes and stability control.

What do you think about the Chevy Silverado as compared to other used trucks in Charlotte NC? Let me know!

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Hickory Car Dealers

Looking for Hickory car dealers? You may not know where to shop with the many options available to you. Buying used cars in Hickory will largely be dependent on your needs, but it is still helpful to know what Hickory car dealers are out there. Some Hickory car dealers have luxury vehicles, some have affordable family style cars- but these are the top Hickory car dealers you will find no matter what your lifestyle is.

Top Hickory Car Dealers:

1.      BMW: BMW stands as in line with top Hickory Car dealers because of their dedication to performance and dynamic vehicles. BMW cars are more luxurious than other brands but they offer great driving standards and sporting They also have the MINI brand which is another of top Hickory car dealers which represents spontaneity and being out of the ordinary.

2. Chevrolet: Chevrolet is one of the top Hikcory car dealers due to their commitment to top standards. The General Motors vehicles first believe in safety and top quality, and then strive to create lifelong customers and great investment value.

3. Ford: Ford stands as one of the top Hickory car dealers as it is America’s first vehicle brand, revolutionizing the industry back in 1903. Ford delivers cars that are affordable and often for the family, and is a tried and true “American” brand.

4. Honda: Honda is of the best Hickory car dealers as they similarly believe in quality but also focus on unique principles such as innovative ideas, youthfulness, joy, and harmony- qualities that make it stand out from other Hickory car dealers. Honda doesn’t just look to sell cars but also sell an experience of happiness. Made in Japan, Honda as a Company strives to have a global viewpoint and bring cheerfulness to car buyers around the world.

These are just a few of the choices you have for Hickory car dealers. What Company stands out the most to you as a buyer of used cars in Hickory?

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How to Find a Car Dealer in Charlotte

If you are looking to find a car dealer in Charlotte, you may not know where to start with all the choices. In order to make the buying process easier it is best to find a car dealer in Charlotte that you can trust and work with to find the perfect car for your needs. Visiting many dealers may leave you confused and overwhelmed with choices. Here are some of the best tips on how to find a car dealer in Charlotte that will suit your needs:

1.Find a Car Dealer in Charlotte That Offers Vehicles at Your Price Point

This may seem obvious to some but it is always best to find a car dealer in Charlotte that has a variety of cars that are within your budget. Oftentimes, we can be drawn to a car dealer in Charlotte that offers vehicles that are more expensive, but we think it will be ok with leasing options. Do not get pulled into this trap. Only look to find a car dealer in Charlotte that has cars within your means so your investment will be worthwhile and not one that leaves you in serious debt.

2.Find a Car Dealer in Charlotte with Vehicles that Match Your Lifestyle

Make a list of the things that are most important to you in a car. What comes at the top of your list? Qualities you may consider can include safety, car size, affordability, gas mileage, appearance, or car ability. First, determine the qualities that your ideal car will have to find a car dealer in Charlotte that can match your needs. For example, if you are looking for a work vehicle to haul equipment, you may need to find a car dealer in Charlotte that deals mostly in pick-up trucks. Figuring out what is realistically most important to you in a vehicle will help you find a car dealer in Charlotte that will work for your lifestyle. 

3. Find a Car Dealer in Charlotte that is Rated Well

When looking to find a car dealer in Charlotte, you will want to find a dealership that is known for doing fair business. Look to see if the dealerships are recognized in any ways and ensure they have all the appropriate credentials. Also, to help you find a car dealer in Charlotte that you can trust, ask your family and friends in the area where they have previously done business. They will be honest and unbiased sources that can let you know if they had a positive buying experience.

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